Kerala To Create Blockchain Experts And More

Kerala aims to produce 20K blockchain experts in the next two years

Thane in Maharashtra successfully completes its pilot blockchain-enabled property tax assessment certificate

Infosys launches blockchain-powered distributed applications for government services, insurance and logistics

As blockchain technology evolves, the demand for skilled talent in this area increases. It creates a situation for many to develop skills and experience in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and machine learning (ML) among others. Even so, it becomes imperative for universities and colleges in India to stay relevant and adapt to the changing needs of the industry.

Needless to say, many companies are struggling to fill the gap, and are training their existing and new employees by adding programs to develop the necessary skills and experience in new-gen technologies.

Kerala government coming to the rescue is taking a lead in this matter and has set a new agenda for itself, where it plans to prepare thousands of blockchain specialists in the state. At the Blockhash Live 2019 conference, the state’s IT secretary M Sivasankar said that in the next two years are crucial for the state government as it plans to produce 20K blockchain experts, thereby enhancing the quality of manpower steered by young startups.

Furthermore, Sivasankar said that the blockchain technology, first pioneered by digital currency Bitcoin, is a promising, new-age technological innovation. He also highlighted that the technology used in creating that has the potential to disrupt various business sectors, including banking, insurance, finance and retail.

Blockchain Graph Of The Week:

Blockchain technology is applicable across various industries and many projects are already live. The graph highlights BFSI industry with most use cases share of 30%, followed by government (13%), insurance (12%) and healthcare (8%) among others.

 Blockchain This Week: Kerala To Create Blockchain Experts, Diamond Industry’s Blockchain Tech and More

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