Josh Gordon Makes Seattle Seahawks Team to Beat in NFC

  • We will likely never know just why the Patriots decided to part ways with Josh Gordon.
  • Gordon fits into the plans of the Seattle Seahawks.
  • Gordon is known for his ability to stretch defenses, which is something the Seahawks could use.

When the news broke that the New England Patriots were letting Josh Gordon go, it was met with a mixture of surprise and excitement. Why would a team so in need of talent at wide receiver release one of the more explosive receivers in the league? It didn’t make sense.

But then, who would be lucky enough to pick him up?

We will likely never know just why the Patriots decided to part ways with Gordon. It is not part of the ‘Patriot Way’ to explain why they do anything that they do. But if you believe what Tom Curran of said during an appearance on PFT Live, there were issues with Gordon’s work ethic.

Sound ridiculous? Maybe, but hard work and accountability are a large part of the ‘Patriot Way.’ Their track record over the last two decades is proof that it works. So, if you aren’t following it, then you have to go.

We will likely never know for sure what happened, and we don’t have to speculate on where Gordon might end up – because we already know.

Welcome to the Seattle Seahawks, Josh Gordon!

While he has a lengthy history of substance abuse issues, Gordon was not expected to last long once he hit the waiver wire at 4 p.m. ET – and he didn’t. ESPN’s Josina Anderson tweeted at 4:17 p.m. ET that he had been claimed. The Miami Dolphins had the first shot, but since he might help them win a game, he didn’t fit into their plans.

He does,…

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