John McAfee is Launching His Own Crypto

If you were around in the cryptocurrency space in 2017, you likely remember the antics of John McAfee.

The enigmatic founder of the anti-malware software that shares his name was likely the most outspoken Bitcoin bull back then, even topping Fundstrat’s Tom Lee. While McAfee did shill altcoins — purportedly for a five-figure fee paid to his company — he was ostensibly the most bullish on Bitcoin.

Case in point: McAfee claimed he would eat his manhood on live television if Bitcoin didn’t hit $500,000 by the end of 2020. He later revised that prediction to $1,000,000 — he was that confident. And just months ago, he even tossed around a figure of $2,000,000, citing that he would be sorely “disappointed” in “math” otherwise.

But just like that, he’s reversed from his position, calling the prediction a “ruse” to onboard new users into the cryptocurrency space. To be fair, it seemingly worked; the media couldn’t stop covering this outlandish crypto prediction.

McAfee has gone so far to change his tune that he’s now bashing Bitcoin’s prospects while launching his own cryptocurrency.

Meet “Ghost”

McAfee’s latest venture is called “GHOST” token, a “proof of stake privacy coin to help you nothing but a ‘ghost’ when transacting online!”

According to the website — which I must admit I was hesitant to click on — the cryptocurrency will abide by traditional industry standards in that it will purportedly be decentralized, offer fast transactions at low fees, and will have a focus on pseudonymous transactions and privacy.

The details, unfortunately, were scarce as there is not yet a whitepaper, but the website made claims that…

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