Joe Biden Campaign Has a Lot of Nerve Returning Louis C.K.’s Donation

  • Joe Biden’s campaign returned a donation from Louis C.K.
  • That is bound to draw attention to the accusation of Tara Reade.
  • The former Biden staffer says he raped her in 1993.

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has returned a donation of $2,800 from Louis C.K. A Joe Biden 2020 spokesperson said the campaign refunded the donation. But they declined to comment further. It’s quite possible that the campaign takes issue with some of the comedian’s stand-up material. He has said a lot that isn’t politically correct.

For example, he frequently says the N-word on stage. Louis C.K. caught a lot of Twitter outrage in 2018 when a clip from a 2011 HBO special went viral. In it, C.K. says the N-word, with Chris Rock’s approval, while talking with fellow comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais.

But Louis C.K. is a stand-up comedian. It’s his job to say things that aren’t politically correct. While the Joe Biden campaign didn’t elaborate on rejecting his support, it’s most likely because of the #MeToo sexual misconduct allegations made against Louis C.K. in 2017.

Joe Biden Faces A Far Worse Allegation

Joe Biden has a lot of nerve returning Louis C.K.’s campaign donation. Because that will likely draw more attention to the allegation, the former vice president faces. So far, the mainstream media has all but ignored the charge by Tara Reade. The former Biden Senate staffer says Joe raped her with his hands when she was 29 and working in his office.

Reade made the allegations in a Mar. 26 interview with The Hill. As of Apr. 23, still makes no mention of Tara Reade. Several other news outlets like NBC News, U.S. News & World Report, The New York Times, and The Washington Post waited weeks to report Reade’s allegations against Biden. Most kept coverage very minimal when they finally did report it.

The difference between the mainstream media’s treatment of Tara Reade and its treatment of Christine Blasey Ford is stark. In September 2018, Ford…

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