Jerry Jones Gave Cowboys Fans Another Reason to Hate Him

  • Jerry Jones owns America’s Team, but he’s done plenty to make Dallas Cowboys fans hate him.
  • He gave them another reason this week during a radio appearance.
  • If Jones hadn’t made a stupid decision, Bill Belichick could be standing on the Dallas sideline instead of Jason Garrett.

Jerry Jones may be insanely wealthy and the owner of America’s Team, but he is not a fan favorite. Of course, fans of the other 31 NFL franchises do not care for him, but the hate is strongest amongst his own Dallas Cowboys fan base.

That’s what happens when you fire one of the most beloved head coaches in NFL history (Tom Landry), and then run another great one out of town (Jimmy Johnson). His refusal to hire a real general manager hasn’t won anyone over. Then there is also the curious case of the continued employment of Jason Garrett despite a lengthy record of mediocrity.

Yes, Jerry Jones has given fans plenty of reasons to hate him over the years:

Anyone that doesn’t hate him probably will after they hear the latest reason.

Jerry Jones Could Have Hired Bill Belichick

Yes, Cowboys fans, the owner of your team could have hired one of the greatest head coaches in NFL history. During a recent appearance on a local radio show in Dallas, he talked about the time back in the mid-1990s when he bumped into the newly unemployed Bill Belichick while skiing:

Dallas fans, can you imagine what the state of the franchise would be right now had good ole Jerry snatched up Belichick before he became the evil genius we now know him to be?

Troy Aikman might have won a couple more Super Bowls. Tony Romo may have won a playoff game, and there would have been no Chan Gailey or Dave Campo Era. The disappointing Bill Parcells and Wade…

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