Jason Garrett Is on Borrowed Time After Latest Loss

  • Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has been on the hot seat for years.
  • Fans have been dying for Jerry Jones to get rid of him. But Jones has remained a steadfast supporter of his head coach.
  • After a loss to the Patriots on Sunday, that does not appear to be the case anymore.

Much to the dismay of many Dallas Cowboys fans, Jerry Jones has remained steadfast in his support for his head coach, Jason Garrett. The team has been the definition of mediocre under Garrett, making it even more surprising that Jones has stuck with him for this long.

Jones is all about winning, which is something the Cowboys have struggled to do under Garrett. After years of mediocrity and several losses where coaching was part of the problem, it isn’t looking good for Garrett.

Sunday’s flubs against the Patriots certainly didn’t help Garrett’s job prospects.

Jerry Jones Criticizes Coaching Staff After Loss to Patriots

The New England Patriots are not the same team that has terrorized the NFL for years this season. But they are still one of the best in the business. A win for the Cowboys would have gone a long way towards convincing Jones that Garrett was the man for the job.

But, instead, the loss may have convinced Jones that it is time for a change. Like he often does, Jones talked with reporters after the game.

Among the highlights of his comments were remarks about his frustrations:

This is very frustrating. It’s frustrating just to be reminded that some of the fundamentals of football and coaching were what beat us out there today.

He was especially critical of the special teams:

To me, special teams is 100 percent coaching. It’s 100 percent coaching. It’s strategy. It’s having players ready…Special teams is nothing but coaching. Special teams is effort. Special teams is savvy. Special teams is thinking.

He also seemed to comment on the quality of the coaching throughout the season:

I really think it speaks for itself…I think you’re gonna get out-coached during this era…

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