Japanese Content Creators to Benefit with Latest Blockchain Technology Use-Case

Japanese advertising giant Dentsu has inked a partnership with Kadokawa Ascii research to leverage blockchain technology to make it easier for content creators to get their work recognized on popular social media platforms. This, according to a report by Nikkei, April 20, 2020.

Using Blockchain for Content Recognition

Dentsu, a Japanese advertising firm, has turned its attention to distributed ledger technology (DLT) to make life easier for content creators on popular apps.

Using the Proof-of-Concept consensus protocol, Dentsu – in partnership with Kadokawa Ascii research laboratories – wants to reward content creators via blockchain technology. At present, the target audience for the protocol is those commenting on popular Japanese comics called manga via livestream apps.

Content creators on popular media platforms including YouTube often face the issue of having their video demonetized or in some cases, altogether removed, from the platform after they show the original artists’ work.

An example could be Japanese anime videos on YouTube which often violate the streaming platform’s terms & conditions. The same could be extended to manga commentary videos in Japan where fans take to media platforms to provide original commentary, reviews, and analysis of manga.

In a bid to safeguard such content creators from the draconian terms & conditions of media platforms, Dentsu and Kadokawa are tapping DLT.

With the help of the emerging technology, the two firms will target secondary creators who comment on manga via livestream apps. They will also target tertiary creators who translate the commentary of secondary creators in foreign languages. This will all be done by using DLT to provide an idea of the range of allowed materials on the platform.

Commenting on the development, Jyunichi Suzuki, a representative from Dentsu, said:

We want to integrate fans’ work that had previously not been valued as a legitimate market.

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