Janet Jackson’s Ex-Husband Sues Facebook

Wissam Al Mana, Qatari billionaire, and ex-husband of American musician, Janet Jackson, has taken the Menlo Park-based social media platform, Facebook, to court over alleged crypto scam ads using Al Mana’s image.

The Qatari business magnate becomes the latest victim whose image has been used fraudsters to sell bogus crypto investment schemes. Law enforcement agents around the world continue to warn investors of these elaborate cryptocurrency scams promising massive returns.

Qatari Billionaire Takes Facebook to Court

According to The Times, Al Mana brought a suit against Facebook for defamation, after a crypto platform used the billionaire’s image to promote their illicit scheme on the social media platform. Al Mana filed legal action against Facebook in Dublin, Ireland.

The Qatari business magnate does not own any social media account, according to a statement on the billionaire ’s website, wissamalmana.com. Furthermore, the website states that any social media account claiming to be Al Mana’s and uses his picture “should not be quoted or used as a source of accurate information”.

Al Mana is not the first to sue Facebook regarding crypto scam ads. Another billionaire, John De Mol, creator of the ‘Big Brother’ television show, dragged the social media giant to court after bitcoin scammers claimed that the fraudulent scheme had the blessings of Dutch billionaire.

De Mol’s lawyers argued that Facebook allowed the ads using De Mol’s image on its platform and stated that the fake crypto platform had already stolen almost $2 million from unsuspecting investors. The court later ruled in favor of De Mol and instructed Facebook to remove the ads or face a heavy monetary penalty.

Recently, bitcoin scammers have also used the image of the British TV host and financial expert, Martin Lewis, to promote a fake article purportedly published by the Mirror, this time, on Instagram. Earlier, Lewis hit Facebook with a lawsuit for allowing crypto fraudsters to use his…

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