It’s Not Crazy to Say Trump Critics Are ‘Rooting for Coronavirus’

  • Conservative media in the U.S. have been attacking Democrats and media outlets such as CNN and the New York Times for using the coronavirus to bring down President Trump.
  • Peter Hegseth of Fox & Friends Weekends claims that “they’re rooting for the coronavirus to spread.”
  • It sounds paranoid, but given how low U.S. politics have sunk, is it really that crazy a theory?

Fox News host Peter Hegseth is the latest paranoid right-wing media personality to claim that the Democrats and the liberal media are using the coronavirus to bring down President Donald Trump:

You start to feel, you really do, watch the Democrats, watch the media, you start to feel like they’re rooting for coronavirus to spread.

Wow, how crazy is this guy? (Maybe a little crazy.)

But when it comes to how the left-wing media has treated coronavirus, he does have a point.

Despite the paranoia, there could be something here

I admit I was taken aback somewhat when I saw this New York Times opinion piece by Gail Collins admonishing readers to rename coronavirus the “Trumpvirus.”

Source: The New York Times

I know, the media continuously bashes President Trump. We’ve become so used to it that we hardly even notice anymore.

Could you imagine the uproar if we saw even half of these headlines written about Hillary Clinton? Or Elizabeth Warren?

Feminist groups would ensure there was hell to pay.

It’s “just” Trump, though, and we all know that wealthy white men are always fair game.

What exactly is President Trump guilty of when it comes to coronavirus?

President Trump is guilty of one thing when it comes to the coronavirus situation.

Trying to avoid widespread panic.

Source: Twitter

But is that really that big a deal? Hell, even Obama was guilty of that during his time in office.

What’s the issue with a president or head of state of any country doing what they can to maintain calm in the face of a crisis? As long as they are trying to deal with the coronavirus behind closed doors, then I…

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