‘It’s a very interesting development’

A Twitter user posted a video of them asking the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, what he thought of Bitcoin, BTC cryptocurrency, and blockchain yesterday.

The Prince’s response? “Oh yes, it’s a very interesting development.”

The Tweeter caught Prince Charles in Berlin, where he’s currently on a royal visit.

The Prince of Wales can be seen initially dismissing the Tweeter’s questions, but seems to gather himself when the word “blockchain” is mentioned.

If that’s not a royal seal of approval, I don’t know what is. The tweet has already been liked over 1,900 times and retweeted nearly 500 times. If you sell now, you’re a fool.

One other enterprising Twitter user even took it upon themselves to embed the tweet on the blockchain, forever.

The user uploaded the tweet and its URL to Dragonchain, a web app that claims to timestamp tweets to blockchains such as Ethereum. The tweet can be viewed on the blockchain here.