IstanBlock 2020 – bringing Turkey and blockchain together

Istanbul will host its first-ever Turkey blockchain week from April 6-10, with the main event IstanBlock 2020 being held on April 9-10. Throughout the week the focus will be on Turkey’s rapid and growing adoption of the technology, and the opportunities it presents. The event has already attracted big names, including government speakers and Turkish institutions, as well as a host of blockchain media, businesses, and influencers.

Turkey is enjoying a strong relationship with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. A recent survey conducted by ING, found Turks were helping drive the adoption of cryptocurrencies, with a second survey showing that 20 percent of the population use or own cryptocurrency.

This is more than three times the percentage of the UK population who use or own cryptocurrencies and over double the percentage of Germans.

Erhan Korhaliller, CEO of blockchain PR firm EAK Digital, has organized the event to raise awareness of Turkish blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies and to connect businesses and start-ups with Istanbul’s vibrant crypto scene.

“This isn’t just a conference, it’s a celebration,” Erhan said. “As the ING report found Turkish people are already heavily invested in cryptocurrencies.

“We have developed IstanBlock 2020 to be a showcase of the amazing technologies that are changing the world in which we live. This is a chance to put Turkey on the world stage, and to share everything that is so exciting about blockchain.”

It is estimated that there will be more than 20 events throughout the week, with the showcase, IstanBlock 2020, rounding off events on April 9-10, at Istanbul’s prestigious Hilton Bomanti Hotel.

More than 2,000 delegates are expected to gather for the event which will feature more than 100 international speakers, and some of the biggest names in blockchain including Youtubers Ivan on Tech and Datadash, among many others.

As a leading blockchain PR Agency, EAK Digital is also bringing its pedigree in blockchain…

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