ISIS Turns to Blockchain-Based Messaging App Following Telegram Ban

Terrorist organization ISIS has turned to blockchain technology to anonymously spread videos and propaganda to thousands of people worldwide.

A Vice report on Dec. 13th noted that experts who track ISIS’s activities online have found that supporters of the terror group are currently experimenting with blockchain-based messaging app, BCM. On the subject, a BCM spokesperson told Cointelegraph:

“Our goal is to provide the most secure channel of communication and to safeguard the freedom of digital communication of our users, as we firmly believe that it is the cornerstone of any modern democratic society.”

ISIS’s Rise To Power Through Mass Communication

ISIS, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is no stranger to social media and secure messaging apps. According to an article in MIT Technology Review, ISIS’s rise to power in 2014 was partially facilitated by social media, Twitter in particular. At the time, the terrorist group was using Twitter to spread political, religious and military ideas across the Internet.

But as social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube placed bans on ISIS from promoting their content, the terrorist organization turned to secure messaging apps to share their horrific messages.

Earlier this year, ISIS was actively using the encrypted messenger platform Telegram (which has over 300 million users globally) as its primary application for media releases. According to a study conducted by George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, English-speaking ISIS supporters were using Telegram to “communicate with like-minded supporters across the world, disseminate official and unofficial (ISIS) media, and provide instructional material for operations.”

While this report noted that Telegram was “effective and secure” as a digital communication tool for ISIS sympathizers, Telegram has since taken initiatives to ban terrorists from its platform. According to its ISIS Watch channel, Telegram banned 8,291…

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