Is this the most annoying — or valuable — man in DeFi? – Cointelegraph Magazine

Even Chris Blec’s biggest supporters acknowledge he can be as subtle as a sledgehammer when he’s pushing for transparency from DeFi projects on Twitter.

The founder of DeFi Watch puts noses out of joint across the industry — whether he’s hammering Polygon for putting billions in the hands of two developers with admin keys or criticizing Rari Capital for being run by teenagers.

He’s exactly the kind of provocateur asking the sort of difficult questions those in power would love to see silenced. But in crypto, that’s not possible — and that’s why he loves it.

“In a decentralized community, I feel like I’ve sort of found my groove a little bit, mostly because I can’t be turned off,” he laughs. “That’s why I’m drawn to crypto. Because I do think the day will come when, you know, when banks censor people if they violate norms, or if they don’t comply with social standards. And I’ll be first in line for that.”

“I promise you, if DeFi projects had a way today to censor people based on their political beliefs, there would be at least one doing it.”

If you take a swing at the king…

As it happens, a recent Uniswap proposal was put forward to raise $50 million to bribe the 45-year-old to leave DeFi altogether. It emerged from a Twitter thread, in which industry luminaries, including DeFi Pulse co-founder Scott Lewis, MyCrypto’s Taylor Monahan and ChainLinkGod, variously accused him of being right-wing, dead wrong and of not acting in good faith.

The proposal didn’t pass a consensus check. “It failed miserably,” Blec says. “I was actually rooting for it. If they paid me $50 million, I would leave. I will say…

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