Is Prior Programming Knowledge necessary to learn Blockchain Technology?

Eva Carler

When we talk about some of the revolutionary technologies, then Blockchain is something that we cannot ignore, from being the underpinning technology for a Bitcoin transaction to becoming the mainstream technology supporting various business operations, Blockchain has come a long way. Today we find several uses of the same.

There are many tech geeks who are now looking forward to becoming a Blockchain expert. As a part of their technical knowledge, they are willing to upskill themselves as a Blockchain expert. While there are a number of institutes offering Blockchain certification courses, there are platforms like Blockchain Council, which is focussing on imparting both theoretical and practical learning experience.

But as you know that Blockchain is a technical field, and there are certain prerequisites that one needs to match to become a Blockchain expert. In this blog, we are unfolding the various prerequisites of programming language for becoming a Blockchain expert.

Prerequisites of Programming language to become a Blockchain expert :

C++- This programming language is an extension of the C programming language. Having knowledge about C++ is a must for those who wish to learn about Blockchain and develop Blockchain applications. It allows effective management of resources and greater control over memory. C++ creates an application that helps in coordination between different endpoints but also processes the interaction faster. That’s why Blockchain projects like Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin are written in C++.

Java- It is one of the most common programming languages, and its knowledge is always on the beneficial side when it comes to learning Blockchain. It is useful in developing interactive webpages. Nowadays, this programming language is used to write simple and immutable Blockchains.

Python– It is one of the most popular languages, and its syntax and logic prove to be useful for Blockchain programming. It is a great language for web development, and so is for

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