Is LiteCoin Getting Better? – OBN

Bitcoin might be the name most people think of cryptocurrency as a whole, but 95% of existing cryptocurrencies are made up of alt coins, which have constantly proven their value. A lot of people familiar with the cryptomarket, mostly traders already understand the value of these coins.

Some altcoins are proving their worth more than others, they are not only reliable for trading and investments but the fact that they’re catching up with Bitcoin and becoming just as reliable should not be dismissed. LiteCoin is one of those coins.

LiteCoin has been going up, and the trading volume is higher than ever, which might even lead to XRP being overtaken. Of course, LTC isn’t exactly close, needing double its current trading volume to reach the same market cap as XRP, analysis from an investment organization has shown that LTC could very well do so, with their excellent investment returns and adaptive nature. It has achieved tremendous growth in price, market cap and trading volume.

LTC was previously navigating back and forth against EOS has completely surpassed them now and maintained it for a reasonable amount of time. LTC is still having its ups and downs, after just overtaking Bitcoin Cash over the weekend, is seeing BCH catching up. While it’s fairly uncertain to say if LTC will maintain this, its pretty clear the coin has been slowly but surely doing a great job in this volatile market. Popular theories include LTC reaching almost 1/4th the value of Bitcoin, which is 6x the current value LTC is trading at, possibly beating out previous goals set by people.


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