Is It Better to Earn Brave’s BAT Token, or Invest in it?

Brave took the world by storm by introducing an internet browser with a native token. The Basic Attention Token (BAT) allows the browser to function as its own mini-economy. The browser also offers value as a privacy-enhancing web tool in the age of surveillance. But the real utility of BAT demands further inquiry. 

Synergy: Brave and BAT

It’s becoming more challenging to keep one’s online affairs private. 

Almost every website tracks users and sells their data in what’s has become one of the most robust marketplaces on the internet.

In a world where people can longer trust their browser, Brave built a product that tackles this very problem. By blocking all third-party advertisements, the Brave browser has a native ad-blocker installed. 

Brave doesn’t just block ads; it also blocks trackers. 

If you’re a frequent visitor to financial news websites, you may notice that you often see a lot of online ads from financial companies. This is because a tracker from the news sites passes on your interest in finance to similar companies, allowing for targeted advertisements.

While Brave doesn’t eradicate the concept of advertisements, it restricts the data abuse inherent within advertising. Encrypted user data is leveraged to run targeted ads, but the data never actually leaves the user’s device; not even Brave has access to this data.

BAT is a cryptocurrency native to the Brave browser. Using Brave’s integrated wallet, users can earn the token for viewing advertisements or use the token to “tip” their favorite content creators. BAT can be tipped to creators on various platforms, including Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Vimeo, and many others.

The default setting is for advertisements to remain blocked. Users have to opt-in for advertisements to view them and reap their BAT rewards.

The Value Proposition of BAT

As the primary currency for the Brave ecosystem, BAT is used as a medium of exchange within this niche economy. 

The browser now has a crypto…

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