IOTA Blockchain on Exploring the Economy of Things on Decentralized Identity Systems in Industry Market

A series of 7 educational videos developed by the Research Team, which was first developed for internal use, is now shared with the IOTA community.

These seminars were initially meant for internal use; however, after the completion of the seminars, it was opined that a public-facing version of the content would help the whole community.  The content has been released in a raw form, and it will likely facilitate an insight into the progress of the work.

The video series is an introduction to the Coordicide Specifications.  These videos were primarily created to align individual researchers and engineers in their work to help complete the Coordicide process in an integrated manner.

The videos in the series consist of essential details of the project like the introduction to the specification and explaining the data processing and layers, mana, explanation of the protocol, autopeering, Fast Probabilistic Consensus (FPC) on Tangle, UTXO and parallel realities based ledger, rate control, flow control, and congestion control.

IOTA tweeted:  “Thousands of people already watched the presentations of the “Introduction to #Coordicide Specifications” – a series of 8 educational videos by our Research team.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “Essentially, the IOTA community will be well-coordinated if everyone understands the essential details of how the project came in to being.”

IOTA on Exploring the Economy of Things

IOTA has been establishing the concept of Machine Money Contest, where the participants who register will be able to explore the economy of things with IOTA and [email protected]  It is about building a market place of devices with IOTA.

The major outlook of this contest is to encourage the development of innovative solutions by leveraging the industry marketplace.  The industry market place will focus on creating value and building new business models and building blocks in the process of responding to the contest themes.  The…

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