Investors Prefer Ethereum (ETH) to Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The CEO of Three Arrows Capital, Su Zhu cooked up a storm on Twitter after
asking for a vote to answer his query:

 “Bitcoiners, someone gives
you 10k USD. Would you rather hold it for 5years as ETH, BCH, and USD or just
spend it?”

As far as digital assets are concerned, it appears as if most voters
would settle on (ETH) than Bitcoin Cash (BCH). From his Twitter pool, final
results revealed that ETH had 69 percent of the vote compared to 11 percent of
Bitcoin Cash.

Earlier, Roger Ver,’s CEO argued that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price would surpass Ethereum (ETH). But the controversial “Bitcoin Jesus” didn’t stop there. He asserts that BCH was better placed and would gain global recognition faster than Ethereum (ETH) and even Bitcoin.

Despite the result, Bitcoin Cash performance in Q1 2019 was
impressive. It surged, expanding five folds after bottoming in Dec 2018 when it
crashed to $75. At spot rates, the coin is trading above $270 making it one of
the top performing coins in the top-10.  Perhaps
a trigger to this demand was not only recovering Bitcoin prices but the
introduction of Bitcoin Cash based derivatives.

According to data from Crypto Facilities, more than $50 million
of the Bitcoin Cash contracts have so far been closed. Sui Chung, the Head of
Indices and Pricing Products at Crypto Facilities said:

“We began to onboard Kraken users … [and] that’s basically given us better exposure to the communities around Litecoin and Bitcoin cash, and I think what we’re seeing is those communities have a pretty strong interest in trading derivatives for Litecoin and Bitcoin cash, respectively. The volumes have gone up pretty appreciably”

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