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On May 6, Blockstack CEO Muneeb Ali tweeted:

Asia is indeed one of the major epicenters of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and was largely responsible for the 2017 bull market that drove assets like OmiseGo (OMG) to multiple record highs. If Asia is indeed your target market, then OMG should be on your shortlist of potential investments.

Founded in 2013, OmiseGo is a decentralized payment management system, exchange and settlement platform that provides financial inclusion and interoperability to unbanked populations and regions. Basically, OmiseGo provides a public network that allows businesses and individuals to interchange seamlessly with legacy payment systems (i.e., Visa and wire transfers) and decentralized blockchain platforms.

As notes, you can think of OmiseGo as “the cryptocurrency version of Stripe or PayPal.”

Among the top-100 blockchain projects, OmiseGo is one of the most ambitious. It seeks to transform the banking industry by helping unbanked populations access the global financial system. This is a form of effective altruism that only technology can create. Below we will discuss the likelihood that OmiseGo can achieve its lofty vision.

OmiseGo Value Metrics

  • Current Price: $1.73
  • All-Time High: $28.35
  • All-Time Low: $0.3196
  • YTD Performance: +27%
  • Market Cap: $243 million
  • Market Cap Ranking: 31st
  • ROI Since Launch: 224%
  • Primary Markets: EtherFlyer, IDCM, Huobi,

Investment Case

If technological innovation and large addressable markets are the keys to a successful blockchain project, then OmiseGo is well positioned to leave a lasting impression. Through dedicated teams in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore, the company is looking to bring financial inclusion to the unbanked peoples of Southeast Asia. Astonishingly, nearly three-quarters of people in the region don’t have a bank account despite being…

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