Introducing Spores Network: The Full-Stack NFT-DeFi Platform

Spores is a new full stack NFT and DeFi platform for creative industries that empowers creators to develop, share, and convey their life’s work is here. Consolidated as Asia’s leading NFT Marketplace supporting De-Fi and Interoperability Tools.

Spores came to life as a natural response to the growing digital “metaverse” that is already changing the way we think and act about living, owning, and sharing our physical and digital lives.

Spores’s developers envision a full-stack NFT platform that is cross-chain compatible to achieve universality. On this platform, users can issue NFTs, auction and exchange assets, and use other DeFi products without limitations.

The Spores platform uses blockchain and smart contract technology to authenticate NFTs, track the history of ownership and buy/sell movements, and securely decentralize their trading process, all while fully complying with intellectual property and copyright licenses to protect the benefits of NFT creators and owners.

Spores comes with a comprehensive set of features designed to benefit and facilitate all participants (artists and content creators, game developers, entertainment producers, clubs, collectors, celebrities and fans, and so on) in order to foster a creator-centric, frictionless, borderless, and community-driven ecosystem.

The platform is made up of four major components:

NFT marketplace

is where NFTs can be auctioned, sold, and traded. The market is supported by a cross-chain swap protocol and an auction engine. When a transaction (for example, an NFT auction) is completed, it is routed to the associated smart contracts and blockchains to settle payment and transfer ownership.

Any new NFT submitted for minting and auction is checked for existence and copyright by an AI assistant. It searches all popular NFT marketplaces for copycats, then compares resemblance between items/files for sale and reports plagiarism if found for further measures.

NFT decentralized exchange

a cross-chain interoperable…

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