Introducing CASHBOX – Anyone Can Accept BCH To Unlock Anything – Memberships, Pages, Pics, Files


Hello! Some know I maintain, a sort of repository for community content while adoption grows. I spend lots of time manually filtering accounts from spam because the existing CAPTCHA is weak. I had the idea to improve CAPTCHAs, which have human service farms to bypass, with a foolproof system requiring payment. This hasn’t been possible before Bitcoin (Cash) because payments must be small enough to allow legitimate users while discouraging spam. About 1/2 penny seems perfect but fees must be less. CASHBOX now integrates into sites forming a paywall users must pay BCH to move past.

Spam works because it’s a numbers game. Spammers can act millions of time for free. If just 1% is successful they can profit, but that ends when they must pay.

So I focused on CASHBOX and designed it to promote other Bitcoin Cash advantages. This product exists exclusively for BCH.


  • Non-custodial – payments go direct to payee address

  • No coding required – Create CASHBOXs at Coinster then simply use generated HTML

  • Passthrough query parameters, for tighter programmed implementations

  • Virtually Any Amount – Lower limit is 1/4 of 1 penny, and upper limit is $50B

  • Unlock anything – Pay success redirects to any URL, can be standalone hosted filenames or webpages with query parameters unlocking memberships

  • Nearly free, costs just 0.5% in fees


User creates CASHBOX requiring $0.50 which upon success redirects to secret_filename_4716cX8G.JPG where a long filename works as a password. Now without programming anybody can cash lock anything linkable on the web!


Coming soon: See CASHBOX in action by signing up on 🙂

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