Intro to Crypto Investment

Introduction to Crypto Investment

CoinDesk Research’s Introduction to Crypto Investment is a series of research papers about the facts and ideas that are drawing institutional investors into crypto. Those new to crypto will find needed resources and a map of future obstacles. Those already active in crypto will find a guide to the path ahead for colleagues and clients.

  • In “Crypto in Context,” we talk about the value proposition, who is buying bitcoin, and correlations with more traditional assets.
  • In “Custody,” we look at bitcoin’s bearer asset qualities, and the challenges and opportunities it presents.
  • In “Valuation,” we introduce some of the fundamental metrics that analysts are developing in order to value crypto assets.
  • In “Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven?” we critically examine one of bitcoin’s dominant narratives, as “digital gold,” i.e., a store of value in times of economic instability.
  • In “Crypto Derivatives,” we cover why bitcoin futures and other crypto derivatives matter to bitcoin and other crypto assets; what makes them different from traditional derivs; and where to find liquid and regulated markets.

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