Interview with Chris MMCrypto on Bitcoin Price, Investment Portfolios, and Chart Analysis

In this new interview dedicated to cryptocurrency trading and investment strategy, I tried to go even deeper to understand what principles are the most important if you don’t want to lose money, what basis you need to learn to make your own price analysis more accurate, and what investment rules you should stick to, to finally establish a profitable crypto portfolio. Chris Jaszczynski, a cryptocurrency analyst and trader from one of the most popular YouTube channels on cryptoanalysis, MMCrypto, shared with us his knowledge about all of these important questions.

U.Today: Chris, thank you for joining the interview! I think your channel MMCrypto is one of the top five crypto channels, right? Can you please tell us what brought you to the world of blockchain technology?

Chris MMCrypto: Yeah, first of all, top five in daily average views. I think the views is what it comes down to. We are very happy that everyone is watching our videos and watching U.Today. What brought me to crypto, I think it was around 2014 or 2015 when I heard about it the first time, but I only had like network marketers approaching me with these cloud mining schemes and so it was kind of annoying me at first to hear about Bitcoin. But I studied economics back in the days and I learned about the monetary system, about the financial system, about the central banking system, and the more I learned about it, the more I understood, “Well, maybe you should look into that Bitcoin topic again.” And then I saw some content like, “Alright, you can just buy and hold Bitcoin and this is like money. It just has all the properties of money and it’s even better because you cannot artificially inflate it until infinity.”

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