Interested in Withdrawing Your Crypto? These Services Temporarily Waived Their Taxes

Because of the COVID-19 effects, certain crypto platforms have decided to waive fees for their services. Check out our list of fee waiving platforms!

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, all markets, be they traditional or crypto, started to crash. Bitcoin and most of the altcoin market have experienced heavy losses.

To encourage the use of crypto even in these dire times, there have been several projects and services from the industry that have decided to waive their fees temporarily to help customers out during this crisis.


BABB is a crypto wallet, banking, and donation app that has recently revealed its top-up function, which waives fees for COVID-19 fundraisers when they make withdrawals from its platform.

The announcement also states that the service added a fiat gateway for mobile users of both Android and iOS systems. According to the firm, customers that have met all their KYC verifications will be able to use the gateway without any issues.

“It’s during times like these that people need to be able to reduce friction in their lives wherever possible, which is something we are able to assist with.

Having carried out extensive internal user and security testing we are satisfied that the platform is not only stable but secure, too,”- read the announcement.

This means that customers are now able to purchase BAX tokens, the native crypto of the platform, directly with fiat using a credit or debit card. The feature also enables withdrawals and fiat transfers to bank accounts. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. BABB stated that the Android app will be accessible to residents from 47 countries.

Joy Braun, Chief Strategy Officer & Deputy CEO of BABB, stated in the official announcement:

“BABB is launching to the public with a humble offering, but we certainly hope that it will be more than enough to encourage people around the world to connect and foster a sense of global community to support each other in these challenging times.”

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