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Amidst the stratospheric rise of defi and heightened demand for unique and innovative solutions, the global community of angel investors and VC firms is continuously engaging in private funding rounds and token sales. The resulting flood of capital demonstrates that entrepreneurs and startups play their part in developing a new generation of blockchain technology.

Balancer Labs Raises $24.25 Million to Accelerate Protocol Development

Balancer Labs, the company behind Balancer, an automated portfolio manager, liquidity provider, and price sensor, has raised $24.25 million from leading investors in its recent token sale, which will be utilized to accelerate the development of the Balancer protocol. The recent round witnessed an influx of new investors, including Alameda Capital, Pantera Capital, Fenbushi Capital, Blockchain Capital, Longhash Ventures, Fintech Collective, and Continue Capital.

One of the Balancer Protocol highlights is that it uses multidimensional values to build a mathematical and analytical framework, allowing varied portfolios to auto-adjust to market conditions. The second evolution of the Balancer protocol (Balancer V2) will restructure the current system architecture to improve transaction costs while easing developer integration and user experience.

World’s First FBA Network, Flare, Raises $11.3 Million

Flare, a new contract platform built on a modified version of Avalanche, is a distributed network with some unique properties. Not only can it be used to create two-way bridges between networks, such as Ethereum and the XRP Ledger, but it is also the world’s first Turing complete FBA network. Flare claims to be the only platform that applies Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) consensus to smart contracts, making it secure and accessible to most blockchain development communities.

Led by Kenetic Capital, the platform has recently raised $11.3 million from some of the world’s leading venture…

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