Innosilicon Terminator2 Bitcoin Mining ASIC Powered By Samsung Tech Launches

Innosilicon, one of the major cryptocurrency mining hardware companies, has recently sparked a hot debate after it claimed that its new product has a record breaking low energy use. According to the official statement of the company, they developed a new chip that uses the Samsung Foundry’s FinFET technology and will have a record breaking performance.

The company affirmed that the current Bitcoin ASIC miner that they developed has been already used in the most power efficient miner, the Terminator2 Miner with 17.2 TH at 1430W+10%.

They also affirmed that the T2-Turbo miner has enhanced the performance by 24 TH/s and it uses a small tube in normal mode, which lowers its power consumption to as low as 75W/TH. T2-Turbo is already out at the moment of this report and you can buy it for 0.2 BTC (or $1350 USD if you decide to pay with fiat currency).

A demo video released by the company shows a performance of the machine that go as high as 25 trillion of hashes per second, a lot more than its main competitor, Bitmain’s latest ASIC miner, which only goes up until 14 TH/S. The energy consumption at this point is about 80 W/TH, according to the official information.

The president of the Foundry Marketing Team at Samsung, Ryan Sanghyun Lee, has affirmed that Innosilicon’s T2 Bitcoin ASIC miner will use the Samsung technology to offer something unique and of differentiated value for its clients, which can give them several benefits and a greater power efficiency along with a high performance when mining Bitcoin.

Canaan Miner Is Also Promising

Canaan has also just announced the Canaan Avalon Miner A9. This new miner is even more astonishing than the one just launched by Innosilicon. It hits 30 Terahertz asics at just around 53 W/TH.

This new miner is still not showing at the website of the company on the moment and it is still not clear when it will be released. Also, there is no information at this moment whether the miner will only be available in China or for the…

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