Innosilicon is Hopeful Its New Best-in-Class GRIN ASIC Miner Will Be Out Soon

It’s now official that Innosilicon is edging closer towards releasing the first ASIC for GRIN. According to Tweet posted by the manufacturer, their new “very cool Grin” ASIC will be out by the end of summer of 2019.

Innosilicon who ranks among the leading ASIC manufacturers is the primary supplier of many entities across the world. It has its offices in China, although it competes with Bitmain in its quest to take over the global space.

It is one of the few companies to have accepted to participate in the chip dice reduction race in ASICs. Based on this fact, therefore, it’s presumable that their upcoming GRIN ASICs will be inspired by the cutting-edge 10nm or even 7nm technology.

The main selling point of CRIN cryptocurrency is its enhanced scalability and anonymity features that are far much better than those of Bitcoin. It’s an open-source, community funded and supported project whose design is founded on the state-of-the-art MimbleWimble protocol.

It’s possible to mine GRIN using the ordinary GPUs although its developers are vehemently against it. They say the coin is meant to be mined using ASICs.

Right now, a paltry 10% of the blocks are developed using Cuckatoo31+, an ASIC-friendly algorithm. They are, however, hopeful that in two years, GRIN will be an all ASIC-only coin!

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