[Infographic] How Blockchain Will Turn Industries on Their Heads

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Blockchain is truly a revolutionary piece of technology. It came about in the form of Bitcoin in 2009, which was blockchain’s first practical application. As Bitcoin accumulated the massive popularity it enjoys today, eyes began turning on the blockchain platform itself. The world soon began to realize the massive potential blockchain technology has outside of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is a cryptography-based, distributed ledger that has a unique approach to data storage and transfer.

The information stored on it is easily accessible to all members of a network, and changes to the platform do not require third-party approval. This means that any transfer is purely peer-to-peer, removing any red tape that is usually involved. All that’s needed is the approval of the majority of the blockchain users on the network.

Additionally, the blockchain is fully transparent and immutable, meaning that no string of code gets hidden or erased. The benefit of this is that no foul play can go down behind the scenes, since the platform allows for no secrecy, as far as its data is concerned.

However, your precious information (such as social security number) is safe from prying eyes, because access to the network only requires an identity string which reveals no personal data.

This kind of data storage lends itself excellently to a wide array of industries.

Banking, for one, can benefit tremendously from blockchain implementation. Banks tend to get weighed down by a heavy amount of bureaucracy that slows virtually all of its tasks significantly. They also suffer from various vulnerabilities to cyber attacks.

A blockchain system, however, would greatly improve their safety, mainly because of its decentralized nature, since there…

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