Indoor Farming Could Be In Massena’s Future

Could indoor farming be in Massena’s future? And more crypto-currency mining? Developers are saying the two could go together – like peas in a pod – at a site on County Route 42.

“You got a perfect synergy. You could put this together. We could use the power, create the jobs, and we have a way of creating heat for these greenhouses,” said Thomas Gramuglia, industrial park promoter.

Crypto-currency computers throw off a lot of heat. Usually it goes to waste. But developers from Petawatt Holdings told town officials this week it could be used to heat indoor farms.

“It’s a win-win for everybody, because we get more jobs – and we get the high end jobs,” said Gramuglia.

This is really all about ample supplies of low-cost electric power. It’s a big reason aluminum smelting has survived so long in the area. And it’s also the reason that whole new industries want to move to town.

The third project in the industrial park would be data centers. Developers say electricity is so cheap there they can make a profit – even buying right off the grid. Now, they want the town of Massena to sell them 140 acres off Horton Road.

“Basically the fishing pole is in the hands of the town, so we’re waiting for them to yank the hook,” said Nancy Smith-Hance, industrial park promoter.

Developers say they could have the first farms and crypto-currency miners up and running sometime next year.

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