Income-Generating Social Network Brings Mass Adoption For Ethereum (ETH) – Today’s Gazette

Ethereum (ETH) has gained a huge boost towards adoption in the blogging sphere as top blogging platform Cent has integrated Ehereum payment features. The new feature would enable users the ability to transfer ETH to each other without downloading a crypto wallet.

Cent introduced this feature as part of its innovation to help content creators monetize their articles effectively by integrating a unique tipping system.

Speaking to CoinDesk Cent CEO Max Broady revealed that the entire process has been simplified as users can access this feature by logging on with their email, telephone number and password. The feature comes with a custom-built wallet which would offer similar features to what is applicable in Facebook messenger.

It is understood that readers would be allowed to tip articles with any amount of money which would increase the total revenue on the platform.

Creators would be eligible for 25% of the money while readers can also earn by sharing the articles online to increase its popularity.

The more an article gains followership the more possibility for creators and readers alike to earn more as there would be substantially more tips.

Cent wants to create an incentive that works to ensure content creators are able to curate excellent articles while the readers would be motivated to share contents online.

Several online publishing platforms have begun to take advantage of cryptos as a means of tipping and attracting larger audience base.

Ethereum (ETH) in its position as the second most valuable coin behind Bitcoin is well equipped to profit from this new development. It is no surprise that Cent has moved quickly to add up a feature for the coin as the platform already has a large userbase of Ethereum hodlers.

Cent had revealed that over 2500 users had transacted on the platform using ether (ETH) in the past month with the total spent close to the $31,000 mark.

ETH is traded on every top crypto exchange and can be stored on a wide…

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