In Nod to Crypto Community, Twitter Won’t Purge Hal Finney’s Account

Crypto Twitter members breathed a collective sigh of relief today after some reassurance from the man himself. Square Crypto, whose Twitter account is seemingly manned by bitcoin bull Jack Dorsey, revealed that the Twitter account of the late Hal Finney isn’t going anywhere.

It started with a tweet by bitcoin rewards app Lolli, which asked Dorsey and Twitter what would happen to the @halfin handle in light of the social media platform’s pursuit to shutter inactive accounts. Hal Finney was a software engineer and cryptographer who is famous for receiving the first ever Bitcoin transaction sent by Satoshi Nakamoto. Finney’s succumbed to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in 2014. Dorsey’s other company, Square Crypto, which is the cryptocurrency arm of payments platform Square, responded.

Source: Twitter

Crypto Twitter found another reason to admire Dorsey and couldn’t be happier, given that Finney is a symbol of Bitcoin’s best.

Even though he’s been gone for more than half a decade, Finney’s Twitter account boasts more than 14,000 followers, some of whom are convinced that @halfin is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. What we do know is Finney was running Bitcoin. And there is evidence of Finney’s email communication with the Bitcoin creator, at which time neither one of them – for all of their prescience – could have known for sure what was in store.

Source: Satoshi Nakamoto Institute

What Hal Finney and Jack Dorsey Have in Common

For those who don’t know, Hal Finney was an early Bitcoin contributor. He was working on Bitcoin before Bitcoin was cool. Now that Square Crypto is similarly contributing to Bitcoin, perhaps that is why Jack Dorsey seemingly has a soft spot for his late peer.

After all, Square Crypto’s journey would not be possible were it not for the groundwork laid by Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto and crypto pioneers like Hal Finney….

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