In A Socially-Distant World, Bitcoin Is Common Ground – Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoiners have a unique ability to immediately hit it off with other Bitcoiners. This may not sound extraordinary on the surface, but this powerful interpersonal quality of instant connection is a vastly underrated feature of the Bitcoin network. Especially in an increasingly polarized and socially-distanced world.

Outside of Bitcoin, the only thing humans seem to agree on lately is that we are deeply divided. The practice of making premature assumptions of each other is at an all-time high. Whether we are talking about politics, economics, religion or coronavirus — we have largely become entrenched in predictable tribal talking points. It is common to categorically dismiss people based on superficial qualities like their appearance, their tweets and whether or not they are wearing a mask.

But when you start with Bitcoin, you can cut through all of that noise. When you meet another Bitcoiner, the differences that exist between you are non-threatening. For the first time in a while, a contrary opinion is actually interesting and worthy of engagement. When Bitcoin is the common ground, there are very few irreconcilable differences because there is a shared foundation of truth.

That certainly doesn’t mean there are no disagreements or differences among Bitcoiners, it just means that we are less likely to cancel or dismiss another Bitcoiner for not sharing our political convictions, our chosen religion or our country of origin. Our shared mission is to build a better world through an honest monetary system that enables true freedom and aspires to facilitate sustainable peace. Few loyalties among humans run as deep as the shared conviction of Bitcoiners.

Fostering Collaboration

I experience this phenomenon every Thursday when my local bitcoin meetup gets together. Every time I chat with a new person who shows up to The Orange County Bitcoin Network’s weekly gathering, my faith in humanity increases. It’s not just that we find quick connection, it’s…

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