Improving Energy Efficiency with Blockchain

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Energy is what makes the world go around, literally. Without energy you wouldn’t be reading this, neither would you be able to buy or prepare your next meal.

The well-documented adverse effects of the increasing global energy consumption are on the rise. As a solution, Robotina is creating a platform based on blockchain + Internet of Things (IoT) + Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Why Robotina ICO?

This isn’t another ‘give me your ETH and take my tokens crowdsale. Robotina is supported by an established company with a proven track record of success, having 28 years of existence and experience in the IoT and AI market.

Rest assured, they already know what’s working and need your support to make it work better. Established in Slovenia in Europe, Robotina has six offices in different countries around the world, serving as home to 50 experts in automation, smart grids, IoT & AI.

Robotina’s main Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the IoT platform and several energy subscription packages. Robotina boasts a network of one million connected energy points around the world. The company is putting forward their existing solution that would improve the current electricity grids. With seven registered patents, five international certificates, two R&D teams, one approved institute, and execution of successful projects in more than 28 countries, you can expect excellent performance from Robotina.

Robotina and HEMS (Home Energy Management System)

Here are the products Robotina has developed and is currently marketing:

  • HIQ – HEMS Home Energy Management System. Price starting from $299 and will be available third quarter 2018.
  • HIQ-HOME Advanced smart home system. Price starting from $449 and has been available since 2017.
  • eSTORE Energy storage system (li-on battery). Price starting from $4490 and has been available since 2017.
  • IOT LINKER XL Intelligent gateway between business buildings and the platform. Price starting from $2499, and launching soon.

Benefits of being a member of the Robotina IoT Platform

Robotina is converging three giant technology areas (blockchain + IoT + AI) on one platform. Here are the benefits of being a member of that platform:

  1. Buy and sell energy.
  2. Sell off unused power.
  3. Automatically turn off devices when appropriate.
  4. Automatically switch on devices when it’s cheap to do so.
  5. Members can pool and contribute funds to purchase power units as a group.
  6. Crowdfund other projects which are not power-related.
  7. Buy at best prices with the help of available real-time data.
  8. Track real-time data to see measurable benefits.
  9. Sell collated personal usage data or keep it private.
  10. Access to a supportive community of other smart and green technology users.
  11. Access to other services available on the Robotina platform.

Although Robotina’s main aim is to help you save and generate money, they exist to use their energy-saving services to make the Earth greener. Save electricity, save money and save the planet.

How to participate in the Robotina ICO

Robotina’s token is an ERC-20 standard token called ROX, issued on the Ethereum blockchain and intended to be application-specific. ROX will be the fuel of the IoT platform and used by members worldwide. Robotina’s aim is to give back to the community the value of the cooperative network.

Do you want to take part in this grand opportunity? You can participate in the ongoing pre-sale by contributing a minimum of 0.5 ETH and completing the KYC here.

The one-month crowdsale begins March 21st to end April 30th. The soft cap for this ICO is $10 million, while the hard cap is $28.5 million. A total of 815 million ROX will be supplied, 570.5 million of which will be distributed during crowdsale.

Robotina’s core team is made up of highly experienced professionals, with CEO Devid Palčič, as head.

What ROX can be used for

  1. As virtual currency for paying subscriptions on the Robotina platform.
  2. Making purchases with the Energy Service Company (ESCO).
  3. As community incentive and reward.
  4. To purchase energy and IoT hardware and software.
  5. Identifying members of the Robotina community.
  6. To facilitate Virtual Power Plant (VPP) crowdfunding.

Robotina Whitepaper:

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