Imagining What the Cryptoeconomy Looks After 2 Decades

The early cryptoeconomy is the house that bitcoin built, and the space grew rapidly in 10 years. As the arena enters its second decade, it’s Ethereum that’s taking the baton and is poised to usher in a new era of unprecedented activities around cryptocurrencies.

Yet the million-gwei question now is: how exactly will all the coming crypto bustle unfold?

Of course, it’s hard enough to guess what will happen tomorrow in the cryptoeconomy, much less what will happen years on from today. But there are certain macro trends already coming to the fore that can give us clues as to what the future of crypto holds. In today’s post, we’re going to draw some of these trends out to imagine, both analytically and for fun, what the cryptoeconomy may look like circa 2030.

Optimized Ethereum on the World Stage

In our hypothetical 2030, Ethereum 2.0 has already been around for years and offers users around the globe the full promise of Ethereum’s original vision: a superior platform for open applications and payments.

Ethereum’s early community, development, and DeFi moats ensures the project is still safely the cryptoeconomy’s top smart contract platform, though other smart contract projects are still around and popular in different regions for different reasons. Interoperability reigns, though many chains are effectively sidechains with Ethereum serving as a central activity hub.

At this point, Ethereum’s scaling pillars, like sharding and layer-two sidechains, make it so the platform easily powers more throughput than mainstream giants like Mastercard and Visa. Moreover, this scaling tech will also make it so it’s cheaper and faster to transact on Ethereum than basically all traditional alternatives.

DEXes Go Mainstream

Decentralized trading projects like Uniswap have been having breakout success in 2020, and it’s no mystery why: users like to be able to access new assets permissionlessly and trustlessly around the clock, all without needing to sign up for an…

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