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EOS, its mainnet launch voted a ‘GO’ and its 21 block producers voted in. Community members were optimistic and enthusiastic, looking forward. On June 16th, 11:00 UTC, the EOS froze over an unclear issue, reported Trustnodes.

EOS officially said:

“AT 9:56 UTC the EOS Mainnet paused… At 10:57 UTC The choice was made that all Standby Block Producers would stop their nodes and backup any information that could helpful in diagnosing the problem.”

AT 13:27 UTC, some block producers were showing a frozen chain, while new blocks were apparently being produced.

Error messages:

1027925 ddos gu2tembqgage {“memo”:”ddos eos! short eos”}
1027915 ddos gu2tembqgage {“memo”:”ddos eos! short eos”}

Trustnodes reports Andrei Nadejde as saying:

“If new blocks are being produced then all are urged to not transact. Exchanges should stop deposits and withdrawals. There might be a fork. If the ones still going on now don’t fall into line, I wonder what that will do.”

At 14:06 UTC, EOS said that “Block one seems to have identified the issue”. A person working on the issue said:

“Feels like a racing condition in the code. I wouldn’t characterize it as an edge case, given this issue paused the mainnet within just a few days of full operation.”

These are the worst kind of bugs to resolve. But at this point, it is not yet known what caused this “pause” of the blockchain, just a day after EOS passed the threshold vote. There are 1,000 blocks unaccounted by seemingly only one Block Producer.

kits says on Reddit:

“Its ok, the “””decentralized””” round table of 21 persons will definitely operate in your bests interests and make the decision for you with your 4 billion dollars and no legal ramifications over their heads.”

On Reddit, phucvoilinhji says:

“For a company that recieves 4b in eth for funds this coin is total BS and Dan Larimer will soon jump to another project.”

Redditor DCinvestor seems quite pessimistic about the whole gig:

“What’s “great” is that the 21 block producers are all working in background to address this situation. What’s not great about that is 21 people are working in a “back room” to figure out what is going on and are going to “take care of it”…”everything is under control.” Right now, they control when this chain will be restarted. Guess what, those BPs are going to start developing relationships with one another, even though these people are supposed to have little in common, due to being globally distributed- thus ostensibly reducing the possibility of collusion.”

scheistermeister on Reddit:

“‘We paused the chain’ said nobody ever in a truly decentralized blockchain.”