IBM Launches a Blockchain Credentials Network – A Community College At The Forefront

IBL News | New York

Central New Mexico Community College will be able to store soon students’ academic records on the blockchain in a way that is nearly impossible to counterfeit. This way students will have the ability to send their transcripts to employers without having to ask the college registrar to get involved.

Once the system is completed (a user interface and public website are still in development), students will need to authorize the college to release their academic transcripts, selecting how much detail they want to reveal.

This project is part of IBM’s initiative called the Learning Credential Network, intended to streamline hiring processes with verifiable certificates from training programs and skill boot camps along with conventional degrees.

A recent IBM study found that over 120 million workers in large economies may have to retrain within three years due to AI automation. Big Blue, along with an education consortium of US-based institutions, hopes to solve this by supporting a diverse range of learning credentials on a blockchain platform.

The consortium consists of the National Student Clearinghouse, which verifies academic qualifications for over 3,700 institutions, Ethos Veterinary Health’s VetBloom, a learning ecosystem for veterinarians, and Central New Mexico Community College, an innovator in blockchain with over 23,500 students.

Blockchain technology enables immutably stored, verifiable credentials to be shared at the owner’s discretion.

This helps both job seekers, navigating an often complex web of opportunities, and employers, who are looking for specific and authentic qualifications. With the inclusion of organizations like the Clearinghouse, trusted certificates can be provided, reducing the risk of fraud.

IBM has participated in another credentials project, Job-Creds, with blockchain identity leader Sovrin and Workday. Last month, Workday released its own blockchain qualifications…

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