IBM and VetBloom Advance Veterinary Industry Group’s Formation of a Learning Credential Blockchain

WOBURN, Mass., Nov. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — IBM will collaborate with VetBloom, the digital learning ecosystem from Ethos Veterinary Health, to form a group focused on the application of blockchain for learning credentials in the veterinary industry. The goal is to create a framework for competency-based medical education using digital badges to support credentialing.

The veterinary industry is seeing the same macro-educational shift to micro-credentialing and competency-based learning that the rest of the educational market is experiencing. To address this shift, accredited Colleges of Veterinary Medicine in the U.S. have developed new competency-based learning frameworks, and larger private hospital groups are exploring skills-based credentials that lead to data aggregation and competency mapping. Skills-based credentials allow hospitals to better manage labor stratification, scheduling efficiency and recruiting needs.

Based on the realization of these needs, the VetBloom group will join a broader consortium of leading academic and professional organizations in applying the power of blockchain technologies to support learning credentials. Still in early development, learning credentials on IBM blockchain will use this technology to produce a permanent and verifiable record of learning for skills certifications. Job applicants will be able to seamlessly connect with companies, and employers will be able to reliably identify verified skills among applicants for open jobs with ease.

“We have worked diligently with IBM over the last year to bring key industry stakeholders into this initiative, creating a veterinary ecosystem that will join IBM’s broader work around learning credentials and blockchain,” said Patrick Welch, DVM, MBA, DACVO, Chief Knowledge Officer of Ethos Veterinary Health and Founder of VetBloom. “Blockchain is a team sport, and the only way this initiative will succeed is through collaboration with likeminded entities in the…

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