Hyperinflation and Rent Controls – 2020’s Telltale Signs of Economic Distress Haunts Many Nations

If history serves us well, 2020 is likely a precursor to a long and dreadful economic depression throughout a myriad of countries worldwide. During the last year, economists and analysts have been discussing how specifically the United States economy and the U.S. dollar are losing global dominance quite rapidly. While a few analysts believe the old adage “it could never happen here,” many economists expect the increase of rent controls and hyperinflation to ravage the U.S. and many other powerful countries.

Countries That Allow Massive Stimulus Injections Will Face Serious Economic Implications

The coronavirus outbreak was a great excuse for the world’s banking cartel to mint more promissory notes than any other time in history. In the U.S., Americans have seen $9 trillion in stimulus injections, but the Federal Reserve’s 2020 pump has barely stirred the masses. Estimates say, in 2020 alone, the U.S. has created 22% of all the USD issued since the birth of the nation.

Moreover, the U.S. is not the only country seeing massive amounts of Covid-19-related stimulus packages, as countries like Japan, China, and the European Union have injected trillions into the hands of the private sector as well. This massive amount of money creation has led economists to believe that a combined effort of rent controls and unruly hyperinflation will cause countries like the U.S. significant stress, as well as possibly fueling a fiat collapse.

Hyperinflation and Rent Controls - 2020's Telltale Signs of Economic Distress Haunts Many Nations

Recently an analyst from seekingalpha.com said he wholeheartedly believes the U.S. is heading toward hyperinflation. “Deficit to outlay ratio tops 60%, above the hyperinflationary threshold of 40%,” the analyst wrote three weeks ago. “Q2 2020 GDP shrank 31.7%, but will improve in Q3 2020. Delinquencies are on the rise on record-high corporate debt. [And] the U.S. dollar will lose value due to ultra-low interest rates and QE,” he added. The author also deems the precious metal gold as “the only…

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