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GN Australia Charity Shirt Back-Orders

We announced this shirt in our Fractal Define 7 review and expected maybe 30 to sell, but all 200 of our initial order were gone within 12 hours. This shirt was designed with 100% of the profit going to Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Hospital in Australia, which is dedicated to rehabilitation and rescue of animals in the area. Koalas aren’t the only animal they rescue. 

We were worried about ending up stuck with overstock on this shirt and never expected this design to be our fastest-selling design ever. It’s got a motherboard, RAM, GPUs, CPU, power supplies, and other components banding together around Australia, and the back of the shirt has a limited run of the GamersNexus logo with a koala and some eucalyptus plants. 

It was so fast that our Australian viewers were asleep when we launched it, and I got a lot of messages of people sad they never got a chance to order. Since this benefits charity, I don’t think any initial purchasers will be upset that the design will become slightly less limited. We’re going to open up back-orders for more of these through midday Monday, so about 12PM EST Monday, to give everyone a chance to get an order in. 

Anyone ordering while it’s on back-order will have their entire order, including in-stock items, held until about March 6, which is when we expect the production to finish. We have to do this since splitting orders would cost us the shipping difference to ship two packages, and since we don’t profit on the shirt, we have to do that.

Visit: https://store.gamersnexus.net/

GN Factory Tour Scheduling

As a reminder from last week’s episode, we’ll be in Taiwan for another factory tour series from March 5 to March 19. We wanted to give you a heads-up on what’s coming so that you can plan to check in on the videos. Cost for these trips balloons high, so we just want to make sure everyone’s got it on their calendar to check out our new tour for how computer…

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