How Viral Video App Eristica Counters Deepfakes With Blockchain

A comparison of an original and deepfake video of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Elyse Samuels/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Just a few, mere months ago, everyone was freaking out about deepfakes. To refresh, a deepfake is like a digital puppet that uses machine learning and 3D models of a target’s face, which allows you to manipulate a person in a video.

Numerous apps are now available that allow anyone (yes, a shout out to you, bad actors) to create a deepfake.  The consensus from cybersecurity experts is that at some point during the 2020 election, deepfakes will play some sort of role. Blah.

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Sure, we see the urgency to detect deepfakes in regard to a political election that will determine the most powerful person in the world. But what are other companies doing to counter deepfakes—especially companies, for which, undetected deepfakes could take down their entire business model?

Take the Dare App, Eristica. The app, allows people to put up cash, create challenges and record said challenges. Those who win challenges get paid in cryptocurrency. The premise is pretty straightforward and simple—somewhat similar to another site which originated a few years back, called Record Setter. (Here I am setting a world record for: Most Eyebrow Raises While Listening to a Recording of Jeff Daniels Reading the Gettysburg Address.)

Except now—real money is involved.

“I put up a $100 and say, ‘Hey, I bet you can’t do a kick-flip on a snowboard,’” Nikita Akimov, CEO and founder of Eristica, explained to Observer. “If that person submits a video, and the community votes that person up… then that person wins the money.”

The challenges on Eristica extend beyond kick-flips; it also extends into the terrain of drinking an egg through your nose, running on a path of fire, eating a maggot-filled omelet and having a person shoot fireworks at his ass. (Holy shades of legal…

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