How To Use Big News to Predict Bitcoin Price?

How to predict the Bitcoin price movement like a 80 lvl guru? You don’t have to buy an expensive course. In this piece, we will dig deep into the major causes of Bitcoin price rise and fall.

Basic secrets behind Bitcoin price are known, but those complex ones are buried. Some exchange indicators are free, some available for a boatload of money. Most market analysts are usually unaware of whale sell-offs and unexpected market conditions. While the self-proclaimed analysts dig in tiny details from controversial data parsers, the rapid spread of fiat inflation,  and stock bloodbaths, let’s take a look at the much easier to read a bigger picture.

Cases of Bitcoin Price Increase

Key developers announce major code improvements

Influence rate: Medium

When the key developers announce or release substantial improvements, price gains. All thanks to the new code. The project fans buy more and this results in a price increase. Partially, the cash starts flowing from the U.S. and Europe’s big investors. News bring in tech-savvy youth. Venture investors and hardware companies enroll in business models.

Investors are sure that other people will use the coin. Or, they already have some rare prediction or information about a big deal. Beware of the actors who play against the markets. Those are the most skillful, otherwise, they would fail.

Bitcoin gets many remarks on Twitter

Influence rate: Low

Per some eToro, researchers, Bitcoin rate coincides with the number of Twitter mentions. The more people name Bitcoin, the bigger the price and vice versa. This metric doesn’t have the full logic behind itself. However, it is worth trying out as an indicator. So far it was acting well.

Regulators approve cryptocurrency use

Influence rate: Medium

On July 17-19, 2017, India was shifting its focus from ban to taxation. This has caused one of the largest instant price increases in the early history of Bitcoin. On 28 October 2019, Bitcoin price gets a boost after Chinese President Xi…

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