How to Trade Ethereum on eToro?

If you’ve ever wanted to use online platforms to invest some of your money, it’s very likely you’ve already heard of eToro. eToro was launched in 2007 and has become one of the most popular services for investing online. While you might associate eToro with trading stocks, the platform actually lists a pretty diverse selection of cryptocurrencies as well.

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In addition to the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, stocks and other financial instruments, eToro also offers unique “social trading” features such as copy trading. This feature lets you copy the portfolio of more experienced investors and track how different investors are stacking up against each other.

This guide will show you how to trade Ethereum on eToro.

Trade Ethereum on eToro

At the moment, you can choose from 16 different cryptocurrencies on eToro, and it’s reasonable to expect that this number willl increase in the future – the company seems to be taking its cryptocurrency support pretty seriously. Here’s the list of the cryptocurrencies that are currently available for trading on eToro:

However, this guide will be focused on trading Ethereum on eToro. We will be showing you a step-by-step example for buying ETH using the eToro platform. Let’s get started.

1. Create an account with eToro

To explore the eToro platform, you’ll only need to provide your e-mail address and phone number. If you later decide to deposit funds to eToro, you’ll need to provide some additional information about yourself to verify your identity.

Create eToro Account

After this step, you’ll receive an e-mail from eToro with a link that’s necessary for completing your registration.

2. Complete your eToro profile

After you verify your account through your e-mail, you will be able to log in to your eToro account and explore the eToro platform. If you want to start trading, you’ll have to complete your…

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