How to Keep Your Privacy While Spending Bitcoin & Ethereum

Blockchain allows third parties to know how wealthy you are because it is an open ledger. It is just as if you kept your bank statement at a place where even strangers can have a look at it and know your financial worth. In an age in which our privacy is continually compromised, no one with substantial volume of bitcoins and ethereum would want everyone to know how much they have. 

Have you ever paid a freelancer or bought goods with cryptocurrency? Even when you use an exchange, your wallet id could expose you to unwanted scrutiny and there are many who are on the lookout for wallets with substantial volume of coins. Some of these people gain access to your wallet address when you make purchases or conduct any other transactions through their websites. 

Furthermore, every website save your credentials in their database so in case of data leaks, hacks or simply untrusted employee of that website where you purchase goods, services, hosting etc. could link your credentials to your personal BTC or ETH address and use that info for bad purposes. 

These are some of the reasons why you need to services of a blender to ensure that your privacy is protected and your funds kept safe. Bitcoinmix is an Ethereum and Bitcoin tumbler that would ensure that your sensitive data are protected. The services of the platform enables users send and receive funds without exposing their primary wallet addresses. is a Bitcoin and Ethereum mixer that uses a unique algorithm to conceal the identity of the user from prying eyes. This means that you can use the mixer to send or receive bitcoins or ethereum without the slightest concern that your identity would be compromised. This also sees to it that no random person gains access to view the volume of bitcoins or ethereum in your wallet.

Many users of cryptocurrencies think that they can be used anonymously. But this is not the case with the most popular ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. A good crypto mixer…

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