How to invest in Bitcoin without buying Bitcoin

Do you remember the California gold rush? Well, unless you’re getting on for 200 years old, you won’t recall it personally, but you know what I mean.

After the first gold discovery in 1848, around 300,000 people flocked to California to seek their fortunes. Many hit on the shiny stuff and got rich, but others found nothing but dirt and ended up paupers. But you know who made almost guaranteed profits? The traders selling the picks, the shovels, the boots, the sacks, the carts…

Whenever there’s a new get-rich-quick craze, no matter who actually wins and who loses at the sharp end, there’s almost always a nice load of cash to be made by people providing the tools and services needed by the pioneers. But how does that apply to Bitcoin?

Google thinks it knows, Sir Richard Branson thinks he knows, and a whole bunch of venture capital investors think they know. And very shortly, you’ll know too.

Pure luck

If you’d been an early Bitcoin prospector, how you’d have fared would have been entirely down to the fortune of your timing. Had you got in before the madness took hold and sold out near the $19,783 peak, you’re probably relaxing on a beach somewhere and not reading this.

But if you’d swallowed the hype and invested near the peak, you’d have every right to feel sorry for yourself right now. The price has had a positive 2019, reaching a smaller peak in July, but but I reckon we’re in for a long, if erratic, decline.

So what kind of investment am I actually talking about? Now, there’s obviously no need for Bitcoin shovels, or coin mining boots, but cryptocurrency investors do need a high-tech infrastructure. They need crypto exchanges, they need coin wallets, they need security, they need dealing services… and that’s where the moneybags I mentioned earlier come in.

Venture capitalists

Branson, Google… they’re among the high-flyers who have stumped up investment cash behind a cryptocurrency investment company called Blockchain. It seems…

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