How the Immediate Edge bot automates crypto trades

One of the greatest advances in modern trading is the introduction of bots, software and algorithms to perform trades. Traditionally, such software has been restricted to professional traders, but now with the spread of cryptocurrency trading, bots are available to individuals as well. The Immediate Edge bot is one such software that allows individual traders to profit off bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Automating crypto trades

One of the benefits of automating cryptocurrency trades is that it enables traders to turn a profit even while they aren’t watching the markets closely. Computer algorithms are also designed to predict which ways the market will move, supposedly enabling traders to profit off cryptocurrencies much more easily despite the volatility that has rocked the market for years.

One other drawback of having to actually trigger trades manually is being affected by emotions. Bots experience no such problem and will buy or sell cryptocurrencies based on computer algorithms instead of emotions. This can prevent some serious mistakes from being made.

What is the Immediate Edge bot?

The Immediate Edge bot is one software that enables traders to automate their cryptocurrency trades. The creators of the software claim that traders can earn more than $1,500 per day using Immediate Edge.

The bot utilizes algorithms and artificial intelligence to identify trading opportunities across the market. Even individuals without any formal trading experience can supposedly use Immediate Edge to earn money. The creators claim the bot’s algorithms have a success rate greater than 98.9%.

Immediate Edge works seamlessly with every major cryptocurrency exchange, including Coinbase, Binance, Bittrex, Kraken and more. This is beneficial because cryptocurrency prices vary from one exchange to the next, sometimes significantly. What may be a profitable trade on one exchange might not be on another one. The Immediate Edge bot takes advantage of…

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