How Monero Malware Response Group is Able to Retrieve the Trust in Monero (XMR) Privacy – Crypto Recorder

Monero (XMR) is a part of the top 10 group and perhaps the most famous privacy coin in the market aside from ZCash, however, the constant association of malicious activities regarding Monero is spoiling its image of an ultimately private coin, also putting its safety at risk.

Although Monero’s technology allows it for an easy and simple integration into platforms like that has integrated Monero’s protocol into its system to allow for acceptance of donations. UNICEF in Australia has also done the same, showcasing the technological capabilities of Monero within the real-life applications.

But it is precisely the functionality and the simplicity of Monero’s technology that brought it to the case where Monero is enabled of easy virus integrations, so malicious activities are allowed through the implementation of XMR mining codes into viruses.

The malware mining has thus become a common association of Monero XMR, although the dev team behind the 10th largest currency has nothing to do with the described malicious activities where the “malware miners” are infecting Windows web serves which are unpatched, that way spinning profit from mining.

With the new initiative taken from the Monero community, it is possible that the new Monero Malware Response group is set to retrieve the trust in the safety and privacy of Monero, already making changes regarding the active issue of malicious mining.

 Monero (XMR) Community Forms the Malware Response Group

Monero, although weighing over 1,8 billion dollars in market capitalization is often questioned regarding its safety, a part of this doubt belongs to the several cases of 51% attacks that took place months ago, and an even greater part of this case belongs to the fact that Monero is being used for malware mining.

As it is estimated that the malware mining involving XMR goes back at least to May of 2017, it is difficult for the XMR team to get to the bottom of this problem at once without a clear ability to immediately resolve it, the community came up with a legit solution, which is already affecting this issue in a positive connotation.

That is how the Malware Response Group was born – with a clear goal of aiding in the battle against the malicious activities taking advantage of Monero’s technology and spoiling the reputation of its safety.

With dozens of websites and portals across the internet being unintentionally and without suspect infected with malicious malware mining codes for mining of XMR, thousands of users may be affected with this malware that draws computational power.

The community with the utmost feeling of discomfort then gathered to form the Malware Response Group that is working on a voluntary basis.

Anyone in need of resolving malware problems related to Monero can visit, where anyone having issues can get in touch with Malware Response Group team. The problems they can resolve are ransomware, a newly established form of an online ransom request related to cryptocurrencies, as well as in-browser mining and system mining.

In case you are experiencing problems with slow network access on specific websites without any viable reason, and in case you are having issues with your computer running slow without any evidence that your CPU is used by your personal operations, you might be having issues with malware mining, most probably related to Monero malware mining.

Even in case you are getting messages demanding ransom in form of crypto (XMR) for getting access to your files and data, you are most probably the victim of ransomware, and the team behind the MRG might be able to help you.

Monero Community in Combat against Malware Mining: How it May Affect XMR?

Monero (XMR) community openly stated, as well as the dev team behind the largest privacy coin that the XMR community is clearly against any type of malware mining including Monero.

Starting out with activities within the Malware Report Group, stressing the fact that Monero alone is not directly involved in any of the reported malware actions. In case the community behind the new group is able to combat the malware attacks effectively, they could easily come to an end of the hegemony within the Coinhive malware mining and similar malware activities that include XMR as a non-consent medium for these actions.

Ending the malware mining rampage may further retrieve the trust in Monero (XMR) safety and privacy.