How Injective and Band Protocol will take DeFi to next level

Injective Protocol has announced that it will expand its partnership with Band Protocol. As such, it will operate a validator node for BandChain.

In exchange, Band Protocol will begin participating in Equinox Staking, according to an official post. This is part of Injective Protocol’s testnet preparations for its upcoming mainnet deployment.

Injective is a second layer decentralized exchange created to offer derivatives and “borderless DeFi”. Users can trade any derivatives on its platform without the traditional market restrictions. The protocol is backed by Pantera Capital and Binance.

On the other hand, Band Protocol is an oracle service provider that operates cross-chain data connecting it to smart contracts. Its oracles are used to feed many decentralized applications such as DEX, prediction markets, on-chain games, and others. Backed by Sequoia Capital, it offers a platform without a single point of failure.

The partnership between the referenced protocols has a precedent with the launch of a platform for trading decentralized financial derivatives.

Developed in conjunction with Terra and Mirror Protocol, users can benefit from a decentralized platform to trade derivatives based on shares of Tesla, GameStop, Amazon, and other companies.

Band Protocol’s Oracle integration with Injective Protocol

The latest cooperation is a reinforcement to strengthen the relationship between the protocols. According to the post, Band Protocol’s oracle service will be integrated into Injective Protocol’s financial derivatives ecosystem.

Thus the latter will be able to expand. Injective CEO Eric Chen believes that they have remained “close…

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