How Ethereum Can Best Press Its Advantages Over the Next Decade

Last year, early Coinbase employee and Polychain Capital founder Olaf Carlson-Wee put forth the notion of “smart contract fragmentation,” the idea that several smart contract platforms would rise to the fore and coexist in the future because of regional, technical, and ideological differences.

One year later the verdict is still out on the matter, of course. Yet in that span Ethereum has not only maintained its lead as the most popular smart contract platform but has also gained further ground on its direct competitors, namely Tezos, EOS, Cardano, and newer upstarts like Algorand and Polkadot.

To be sure, Ethereum’s development inertia and teeming developer community combined with the rise of the project as the main home of decentralized finance, or DeFi, has made the blockchain a juggernaut of sorts in the cryptoeconomy for now.

But there isn’t many Ethereum backers who would afford their chosen platform a complete free pass in any respect. Generally speaking, the Ethereum community is arguably the most self-aware and self-critical in the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Many of the project’s top proponents often sound off just as loud on problems in their own sphere of influence as the project’s varied skeptics do.

With that said, few would take it as a given that Ethereum will march easily to triumph; there are no shortage of obstacles ahead, in every direction. The best thing that can be done is to approach these obstacles in good faith. As such, here’s three avenues that, if approached with with resolute resolve, can help Ethereum maintain it’s dominance in the arena of new public infrastructure.

It’s All About Money, Good Faith, and the Everyman

Many Ethereum proponents openly worry about the so-called “Tragedy of the Commons,” wherein individual users act contrary to the collective good, i.e. using up community resources without replenishing them.


In the case of Ethereum, one avenue of this tragedy means that some users come and go without…

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