How Did You Get Into Bitcoin? Crypto Twitter Responds

Everybody loves a story. When it comes to how people first got into cryptocurrency, there’s no exception. Crypto Twitter (CT) is full of humorous, thought-provoking, and unexpected tales of diving down the Satoshi rabbit hole, and the reasons for entering the space are as diverse as the people themselves.

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Reasons for Getting Into Bitcoin

Trawling CT, one can find many scattered gemstones and nuggets of interest about people’s discovery of Bitcoin. Recently there have been a few prominent threads asking for folks to share how they first became interested in crypto, and the reasons given fall into a few broadly defined categories. First, there’s the philosophical angle. Libertarian-minded individuals realized they could keep their own money and help to subvert the war-mongering, abusive Keynesian economic powers that be. Second, there’s the pure convenience approach, where, “hey, the stuff just works, so I’m going to use it.” There’s the tech angle and entrepreneurial angle, for those who saw the burgeoning growth of a new and lucrative industry. And finally there’s the straight “show me the money” crowd. Some tweets illustrate a little bit of everything, as well as the random, haphazard circumstances that often come into play.

How Did You Get Into Bitcoin? Crypto Twitter Responds

The Libertarian Angle

There’s something extremely exciting, hopeful and uplifting about mantras of “bitcoin not bombs” and the prospect of real economic sovereignty. Many previously uninitiated folks found in crypto an invigorating and simple freedom. The realization that this is what money was always meant to be, and a tool to achieve greater individual freedom and quality of life for everyone. User @DougFMoeller writes:

Bitcoin is freedom to interact.

How Did You Get Into Bitcoin? Crypto Twitter Responds

When prompted with “What was it that excited you about cryptocurrency,” user Preston Thornburg replied it was “the premise of a global currency that…

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