How Did Tratok, a Blockchain Disruptor for Tourism Achieve a Market Cap in the Billions?

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Nov. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — There is something special about Tratok. Others in the industry raised millions from the public and are now worthless after less than two years. In contrast, the freely given Tratok has soared in the last eleven months from a value of zero to over AED 1 billion, importantly staying above this level for the last quarter. But why did they succeed? Tratok changed the world. Literally!

Rewind to September 2019, the world witnessed this in Dubai. Two UK tourists were able to achieve a dream and spend a week of five-star splendor in Dubai by using Tratok. For them, this was unthinkable before Tratok made it a reality. By empowering people to achieve their dreams, Tratok is inspiring future generations and changing the world for the better. That is why Tratok works. It makes a difference in people’s lives!

How was Tratok able to deliver such an impact? Many point to the project’s Chairman, Philippe Paillart, the former CEO of the largest bank in South East Asia, with over USD 338 billion under management. Others point to the pedigree of their executive team, among them the connected and unyielding Custodian Mohammed Altajir, rumored to be in the top percentile of largest crypto holders, speculation…

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